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           Reasons to Buy these EMP Solution Materials
Which Ones apply to you?

•  Want  highly illustrated book on EMP facts and creative solutions?
Want to learn how to EMP protect your family, home and community?  

Don't just survive EMP & lose your income; remain actively productive?
Want to learn how to shield, bond, ground, surge suppress & filter?

Ten tips to reduce your electric bill by up to 60%  (no exageration)
Options for no down payment via insurance + other financing

Want to produce new products, open new markets, and generate jobs?
Want to use these materials for classroom & community education?  

Read, learn, apply the EMP protection book for safety, lifestyle 
             and to make money from expanded new business and markets

EMP Protection Slide Shows &
EMP Problem-Solving Software
Do you know your "EMP Protection" Score?
Find your score for your Lifestyle. Learn Solution Options. Then act!
You owe this to yourself, family and your community
     If you are family, residential or commercial building, get your “EMP Protection” Score:
           Step 1: Select your group size or size-to-be EMP protected (column A to G).
           Step 2: Select month after EMP burst (column H to T; if “Pre-EMP”, use column H).
           Step 3: Read cell score of your Lifestyle % at junction of your Row # and EMP column letter.
           Step 4: If your Score cell is less than 51%, you are failing yourself, family & Community.
      See options for  corrective actions with yield/cost quotients via visit www.emp-safeguard.com:
      Order book: “EMP – Protect Family, Homes and Community” and our new “Show Books”
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