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What is an EMP = Electromagnetic Pulse?
(Lay summary explanation)

An EMP is an upper atmospheric (> 20 miles = 32 km above the earth's surface), nuclear (bomb) explosion. People on earth do not feel a thing nor is there any mechanical infrastructure damage.

Contrast an EMP with the Atomic bomb explosions used to accelerate the end of World War II. Therein, a B-29 bomber dropped an atomic bomb, one week apart: one on Nagasaki and the other on Hiroshima, Japan. Instantly, more than 50,000 people were killed and all infrastructure was reduced to rubble as far as the eye could see.

Contrast: a nuclear EMP bomb, that may be roughly 100 times more powerful than an atomic bomb. Exploded in the upper atmospherie, an EMP's gamma rays convert some energy into radio frequency radiation down to the earth's surface. While these emissions harmlessly pass through humans, they couple into all manner of metalic, electrical and electronic devices. Thenein the damage results: the electric grid becomes disfunctional so that all lighting goes dark and all electronics are burned out. No radio, TV, communications; no functioning hospitals, shopping malls working elevaors, subways, etc.

Even those, like EMP survivalists. instantly lose their jobs, their income, savings, annuities, social security and all sources of digital records, unless storage survived elsewhere in USA. In short, it becomes a time-related death with no provisions or replenishments unless previously planned for.

The concept of "EMP Protection" is to preclude or mitigate this cataclysmic aftermath of an EMP event. This is done by promulgating the word on awareness, presenting planning options with rationale, ways and means, expected outcomes, cost and financing, and, yes, some uncovered positive results.  These become the mission and goals of our company, "EMP Solutions & Renewble Energy Creations". Thus, read, become knowledgable; then act and enjoy the fruit of your decisions.